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An affordable web solution tailored specifically for the woodworker.

Until recently, woodworkers had a few options for a website.

  • You could upload your photos to a free photo sharing service, like PhotoBucket or MyPhotoAlbum.
  • Learn FrontPage, Dreamweaver and Photoshop software and design the site yourself and then find affordable webhosting.
  • Find a webhosting service that included a template based sitebuilder option and pay a slightly higher monthly fee.
  • Hire a profession web designer and pay them to build and then update your site, as well as pay a monthly webhosting fee.

We've added another option that combines the best of them:

  • A professional web designer to build an original and unique website.
  • Tools to allow you to upload your projects photos and information (if you want).
  • And a webhosting service that costs less than the barebones economy packages currently available.


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