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About Us

Us? We're just a bunch of woodworkers sharing a love for woodworking, and a need for web sites.

The company behind this? Well, not "us", I guess, we're not a big company.... it's just me. I'm a woodworker, a web designer, a technology consultant and a family man. I've been a web designer since the mid-1990's, before it became popular. I've been a technology professional since the 1980's, and I've been a woodworker for who knows how long.

I've been designing both personal and business websites for over 10 years. My first personal website was www.happywoodworking.com which certainly isn't a very serious site. I've done many more since then and I've helped many businesses create their Internet presence.

I've also seen the need and helped fellow woodworkers establish a web presence. I realized that many woodworkers were spending $5-$20 each month for a web hosting package that didn't give them what they wanted, nor the help they needed, to create a truly original and unique website tailored to themselves and their work. So I've been helping them out. I've also seen people sign up for web services without fully understanding what they needed or what they were receiving. So I've tried to help out.

The concept here is simple. Rather than have a dozen woodworkers go out and get an economy web hosting package for $6/month and wonder if they should spending $12, $20 or more each month to get one of the higher level packages, I would get a high-end web hosting package that can be split and shared, so we share the cost, and the savings.

This is not about a large scale web hosting service. This is not about a quick cookie-cutter template-based overnight websites. This is about low volume, high quality, complete control and strong relationships. I'm a woodworker on the weekends and a web designer during the week. I can help you design your website, and then include you on our monthly web hosting savings.

So if you're interested, just give me a call, or email me and let's talk.


Mark Goodall

© 2006-2012 Mark Goodall