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Power of Lists
One of the powerful features of the Woodworker Gallery is it's lists. If you are familiar with a computer spreadsheet or address book then you're familiar with a computer list. Any particular list of items has elements, or pieces of information, for each item. A gallery list can contain the gallery item's title, description, date created and photos, along with any other type of information needed to be included about that item.

Most web sites that offer a photo album or basic gallery offer a limited amount of information you can keep on each item. Here lists are only limited by your imagination. If you decide you want to store the species of wood in your gallery, we can add that to your list's definition and you can include that on your web site.

More importantly, if there's a new type of list you'd like to keep, again, we can quickly define it and then you can use it. As time goes on the number of different lists that are available will grow. Members currently maintain lists of their turnings, pens, furniture and pieces from their shows, as well as list of links, letters from clients, and even lists of supporters. What additional kinds of lists do you need? There's almost no limit.

Instead of having access to a limited amount of lists you can maintain on web sites hosted with build-it-yourself web hosting services, you can use any list you can think of. Once the list has be defined, you maintain it. You add new items, change and delete thing from your lists, so there is no additional cost involved since you're doing the work.

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